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Immigration Court

26 Federal Plaza, New York NY 10278.

As a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Pablo E. Bustos takes pride in helping his clients legalize their status in the United States, apply for the right type of visa, and keep their families together.

Our clients' journey begins with an initial consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys, where their unique circumstances and cases are thoroughly evaluated so that we can achieve their short- and long-term goals in accordance with current immigration law.

We are a team of full-service immigration attorneys with a focus on family-based immigration, business immigration, deportation, and immigration appeals.

Civil rights are an essential part of America's democracy. Civil rights are intended to ensure that all people are entitled to equal opportunity and protection under the law.

Most people understand that interfering with someone else's individual rights could lead to a lawsuit. However, this does not always mean that people will respect them. That is why the fight for civil rights continues.

If you have been denied your basic rights, you need an experienced civil rights attorney. Our civil rights attorneys are known for upholding the civil rights promised to our clients.

Civil Court

Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan.

Criminal Court

Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan.

If you have been arrested, are facing county jail or federal prison, criminal charges, or are the potential suspect in a criminal investigation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. You deserve competent and knowledgeable representation.

We can help you navigate the arduous waters of the state and federal criminal justice system. A criminal defense attorney is there to investigate facts, help investigate your case, and protect your rights as you pursue all of the legal options available to you.

Facing criminal charges can wreak havoc on your life. Protect yourself and your rights with a team of passionate and highly trained criminal defense attorneys.

Our team will be there for you from the beginning to the end of your divorce or family matter. As you move forward with your divorce or family matter, we will help you through this difficult time. We provide outstanding service and reliable legal support. We do everything possible to keep your divorce or family matter out of court so that you are in charge of the outcome of your case.

If court intervention is necessary, I will personally appear on each court date and aggressively litigate to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Family Court

Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan.

Personal Injuries

Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan.

We aggressively fight your case, if you have been injured. We are not afraid to litigate the case and take the matter to a jury trial.

Insurance companies understand that when our office accepts a case, we do not settle for small offers. Instead, we always take the case to the jury. Don't let the insurance company change you after an accident. Insurance companies exist to make a profit.

We have handled many different types of personal injury cases. From broken bones to paralysis and nerve damage to brain and spinal damage, we've seen it all. We are committed to helping you build the strongest case possible.

We help people every year take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy protection to restart, rebuild, and reclaim their financial future.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect debtors. At the end of your bankruptcy filing, you should be better positioned to move forward and have the tools and information you need to be successful.

Select a section below to help you begin to understand what the first steps are, or feel free to contact us today to discuss your situation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy and Debt

We take a comprehensive approach to bankruptcy law.

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